Adopt Kindness and Grow Together.

You Can Help
By Different Mediums


Things Not in Use

You can share things here which according to you are no longer in use.


Old Clothes

Share clothes of all kinds, May be not of your size any more but can fit others.


Small Grocerry

Basic Needs fulfillment give an immense happiness. Share small groceries.


How It Works

There are basically 2 modes of the User Flow:



The supporter will download the App. After the registration process, Once the supporter is registered to the app by selecting his mode. They can add photographs and descriptions of the things, he needs to share. After posting the things on the app, the supporter will get demands from the attainers. A kindness partner is additionally accessible to assist supporters to find the foremost meriting attainer. After confirmation and choice of the meriting attainer, the address where the thing can be conveyed get visible to the Attainer.



Attainer After downloading the App. Attainer will prefer an Attainer’s account. Once the attainer is enlisted to that app, a Dashboard showing the things shared by the supporters will be visible. Attainer will send a message to the supporter of the item he requires and communicate about the listed item. After the Partner's suggestion if he is chosen as the most deserving for that item, will be considered qualified to collect the thing from the given address.


Chat Areas will get empowered after login into the App with the Kindness Partners, Supporters, and Attainers. Only Supporter accounts permit communication with the Kindness Partners, The supporter and Attainer can chat on the recorded things and assist after selection, for address and contact numbers.

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Profile and Kindess Level

The more items you share, the kindness meter will increase the ratings of the profile. The meter will change the rating on monthly basis after analyzing the quality and quantity of the listings on the app and total of the kindness done.

Start Kindness by Simply adding product!

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